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Do you want more iPhone or iPod downloads?

I think the Apple iPhone is one of the coolest gadgets ever invented. I know the later versions will be improved and someday most cell phones and hand-held devices will be more like the iPhone. When it comes to downloads, though there are a lot of great songs on iTunes, but I wanted to check out some alternatives for finding music, videos, TV shows and even software for the iPod and iPhone. I found some membership services that have a huge selection of media files and they are being used by millions of people (and have been around for years). They are at the point that there are literally BILLIONS of files available for iPhone and iPod devotees like me.

Which services are best for iPod and iPhone downloading?

Well, there are many download websites to choose from. At one review website the writer points out some of the better features of a few of these membership services. One thing you need to be aware of is if you want to try out a service, read the refund policy as soon as you sign up. You don't want to feel scammed and that way if you aren't satisfied, you can get a refund (if you comply to the guidelines for that particular download service.

There really aren't many places to get free iPhone music downloads, quality iPod movies for free, or free TV show downloads for iPods and iPhones, so buying a membership can save lots of time (from having to search all over for free stuff). I've noticed recently that some of the iPhone downloads advertisers say their downloads are free, but if you try to sign up for the service, they ARE NOT FREE! This isn't exactly a scam, but it isn't ethical, in my opinion. But most of the download services are pretty good and they really are not that expensive, when you consider that you get unlimited downloads for about $40. And many of the services give you free tools and software, such as DVD converters that allow you to convert your own movies or other movies you have on your computer and then transfer them to your iPod or iPhone (DVD to PC to iPhone). Most of the iPhone downloads work on both iPod and iPhones and vice versa. Pretty cool!

Do you want more iPhone or iPod downloads? I know I do!

So, this is where I was reading about where to find out more about some of the iPhone download services where you can get unlimited downloads for one low price. Read more about some of the recommended services here: iPhone Downloads. Also, there are some cool iPhone videos on this site: iPhone News.


For iPod downloads (I can download them all weekend!) read about the features of popular download services on this page: iPod Downloads Reviews.


And since this review website I really like also has information about PSP downloads, PSP wallpapers, and other fun things for the Sony PlayStation Portable, check out this page: PSP Downloads & Wallpapers.

Looking for some cool iPhone videos?

See some cool iPhone videos and another awesome technology video at this site. My favorite videos of cool things that iPhones do are here, as well as a really interesting video about the future of desktop computing technology.

Cool You Tube iPhone Video

This is really cool how they make the iPhone into a popcorn popper!

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